Personal development is to realize the potential of the individual, to develop its potential at the highest level and to lead a happier and more successful life.

Why Personal Development is Necessary?

Personal development allows the person to recognize himself/herself and thus lead a happier life. The person who develops himself/herself feels a sense of perseverance and courage when he/she makes this behavior a habit. Personal development provides more important meanings than life. There is a chance to live more actively with personal development.

8 Keys to Personal Development

Self Recognition

Personal begins with knowing yourself. People who are aware of their own potential can also develop themselves more easily, knowing their own weaknesses. The most important step in personal is the self-knowledge phase. In this phase, a person can discover in which field he will be more successful, in which field he will be less successful and in what areas he is interested in. This is the first step of a person’s self-development.

Update Development Fixed Forward Modern Better Concept
Update Development Fixed Forward Modern Better Concept

Determining Development Vision

Each person must have self-improvement visions. For example; at the end of this year I will learn not to lie, and I will be able to move away from pretexts.

Having Rituals

Having personal rituals; it has a great effect on self. Daily, weekly and monthly rituals such as reading books, practicing English speaking, working 1 hour per week about the field of interest; provides a habit in the subject. Having rituals, applying them regularly and making this process a lifestyle increase the self-confidence of the person; it is also recognized by its surroundings in the context of these features.

Beautiful young woman at a spa salon
Beautiful young woman at a spa salon resting on a straw mat. Concept of body care and relaxation

Body Care

One aspect of personal is physical appearance. Body care allows the person to love himself more and to trust himself more. Bodybuilding, balanced nutrition and a healthy and fit body are essential for personal. The type of posture is also of great importance in self-. An upright and confident person will be more willing to improve himself as a result of the positive response he receives from his environment. This helps the personal process continue throughout life.

Recognition of Emotions

Every person should be aware of the feelings that they are in. She must be aware whether the emotion she feels can make her happy. Recognizing and acknowledging the feelings that are possessed can help the person to interpret the situations in which he/she is more easily and as a result, helps to show more development.

Brick wall (frame) and cement background
Destroying Walls

Destroying Walls

The person must be aware of the walls that prevent their. Being aware of the conditions and conditions that hinder their personal development, they should not be afraid of emotions such as my shame, wince, breaking, grieving or, being seen as small. They should move away from the thought that they will suffer from feelings or behaviors as a result of their behavior.

Taking Action

The penultimate step of personal development is the movement phase. At this stage, the person should take steps to reach the visions he has determined. Taking action without hesitation is of great importance in the development process.

Knowing what you have learned

New behaviors and new knowledge gained during the personal development process should be identified and further studies should be carried out. Keeping bookkeeping of successes on a regular basis ensures that a person experiences a sense of winning in his / her self-development process and therefore trusts himself more.


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