In the last 24 hours, after several developments on the crypto-currency markets, the market continued to decline, with the highest volume declining from 100 to 92.

In Israel, a court ruled that Bitcoin was an asset and announced that earnings related to the sale of cryptocurrencies in Israel were subject to capital gains tax. It was decided in favor of the tax authority by the approval of the Central Bank’s currency definition in a court. It was opened on the decision of the founder of a blockchain start-up to be tax-free of the taxpayer’s tax authority.

92 of the largest 100 cryptos has decreased!

The fluctuation in the market with the decision in Israel continued with the news that the US Department of National Income (IRS) would publish a decision on the taxation of cryptocurrencies soon.

Following more explicit policy demands on the taxation of crypto-currency traders with regard to transactions with the units in question, IRS commissioner Charles Rettig said that a directive on crypto-money taxation would soon be published and added:

“I agree with the idea that taxpayers have more explicit rules on taxation on virtual currency transactions, and I’ve made it a priority for the IRS to create a directive on this matter.”

Following the developments, the overall downward trend in the crypto-currency markets continued, while the highest unit in the market, Bitcoin, dropped by 3.86 percent to $ 7,628 in the last 24 hours and accounted for 57.1 percent of the market with a market volume of $ 135 billion 162 million.

The highest volume 100 units of the market, consisting of a total of 2,202 cryptocurrencies, is 21 percent, 8.99 percent, 5.74 percent, 4.80 percent, 1.70 percent, 0.04 percent, 0.01 percent, and 0.01 percent, respectively.

AABC Coin, Huobi Token, MaidSafeCoin, Paxos Standard rose to Token, Dai and True USD. Insight Chain pioneered the 63rd in the market with 14.80 percent.

While the highest volume of 10 cryptocurrencies in the last 24 hours with 10.46 percent of the Cardano depreciated most, the market volume in line with the negative movement in the market in the last 24 hours to 13 billion dollars fell by 5.5 percent to $ 236 billion 743 million declined.

The 24-hour trading volume on the market was calculated as 76 billion 805 million dollars, while the changes in the highest volume of 10 cryptocurrencies;

  1. Bitcoin 3.85 percent
  2. Ethereum 7.62 percent
  3. Ripple 7.75 percent
  4. Bitcoin Cash 7.73 percent
  5. Litecoin 5.51 percent
  6. 6.76 percent of EOS
  7. Binance Coin 2.23 percent
  8. Tether percent  0.39
  9. Stellar percent 8.76
  10. Cardano dropped 10.46 percent. (Graphics) – İstanbul

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