For the first time in the European Parliament elections in Southern Cyprus, a Turkish Cypriot member was granted the right of representation. AKEL party’s Turkish candidate Prof. Niyazi Kızılyürek became the owner of one of the six seats in the European Parliament.

In Sunday’s elections, the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiadis’s DİSİ came first and AKEL came second. The rate of participation in the elections of 5,560 Turkish Cypriots was recorded as 42.8 percent.

Kızılyürek, who is conducting an election campaign on both sides of Cyprus, wants the island to be reunited.

The communist party, AKEL, who nominated Kızılyürek, is known for its proximity to Turkish Cypriots and for being the only party defending a federal structure in which societies live together to solve the problem on the island.

Turkish Cypriots vote in EP elections!

Turkish Cypriots living in Northern Cyprus have the right to be elected and elected in the elections of the European Parliament, but the Turkish Cypriots must move to the Greek part.

Located north of the island, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is not recognized by the international community except Turkey. The Greek Cypriot Administration, which joined the European Union in 2004, formally considers Cyprus as part of the EU.

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