According to a statement released on May 19, 2019, Bitcoin and Litecoin can now be exchanged via WhatsApp.

Users of the popular messaging platform which is WhatsApp can be able to send and take Bitcoin and Litecoin crypto money types by using WhatsApp.

The Zulu Republic which is the owner developer of Lite.ım bot advertised the way of transferring crypto money via WhatsApp on May of 19th.

Users who want to send and get Bitcoin via WhatsApp application, must add bot on to WhatsApp and follow the directions which are received on the bot. Apart from sending and receiving crypto money on the bot, it also offers us many different options.

Service provides to the users to win crypto money by using a reference system. The preferred language and password on the bot are selected, as well as options for selecting the default cryptocurrency.

There only two languages choices on bot now: English and Spanish. The crypto units on the bot are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Zulu Republic’s own crypto money ZLX.

Not only on WhatsApp but also Facebook Messenger, Telegram and SMS services are available on the bot.

According to the company’s thought, social messaging is a link between crypto money transactions. Because there are 1.5 billion users who use WhatsApp on the World.

How to send and receive Bitcoin via WhatsApp?

  • The first step is that you must load bot application on your phone or computer which will be at the same system with WhatsApp application. Then, enter the bot for sending bitcoin others.
  • The second step is choosing the language English or Spanish.
  • The third step is setting a password.
  • The setup process has been completed. Now you can send bitcoin to your friends via WhatsApp.
  • If you send money to others, you should choose 0 choices on your smartphone. If you want to receive money, you should choose 1 choice. Then whatever you want, you should follow the directions on the bot.

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