The famous person of the Game Of Thrones series has preferred the system of crypto money after the end of the series.

Game of Thrones started in 2011 which become so popular since its’ start. One of the stars in the series who is Jerome Flynn entered to crypto money sector.

Jerome Flynn, who recently played Bronn in the series that was released in his last episode and finalized, joined the advisory board of a vegan lifestyle project, which announced that he would publish his own crypto money.

The project, called VeganNation, is based in Israel and aims to create an ecosystem that will support vegans, as its name suggests.

In addition to this, VeganNation wants to release a watchable digital money unit called VeganCoin.

Simply and Economic

According to Ethereumworldnews news, Flynn said:

“The Vegan Nation is the foundation of the international vegan economy, which aims to make our vegan life simpler, more economical and better for our souls and the whole world. VeganCoin will help many more vegans and thus reduce our ecological traces.”

Food Follow

It is not unknown or not new in the sector that follow-up of food supply chains. One month ago, Nestle and Carrefour have released that they will follow – up of food supply chains by using Blockchain technology.

The Blockchain-based supply chain that allows the monitoring of food stages from the very beginning to the table of human, Vegan Nation aims to make sure that the food is 100% vegan.

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