The Blackmailing From USA to Turkey

The US, which blackmailed about S-400 buying of Turkey, has targeted to the economy. At the top headline of the WSJ newspaper of the US stated that Turkey must convenience the money assembly. This statement is an attack on Turkey’s independence.

The scandal text of the newspaper is interpreted that Turkey is wanted to surrounded as at the Duyun-i Umumiye.
The US has been continued to threaten to Turkey via media elements.
The US centered Wall Street Journal (WSJ) newspaper has released and targeted Turkey economy and policy, in a news on its’ headline.

Iran is helping to ensure the avoidance of economic sanctions and military integration with Russia consolidating newspaper claiming to act more as an enemy than in today’s NATO ally Turkey, on the Turkish lira also found the speculative assessment. The article was also served on the US public broadcaster Voice of America (VOA) Turkish.

Threat Of Sanction

The newspaper said that Erdogan’s purchase of the Russian-made S-400 missile defense system could be subject to sanctions by the US Congress.

Turkey’s second-largest state bank Halkbank, which is billions by the American Ministry of Finance on the grounds of violating Iran sanctions dollars of money for the Turkish economy could be sentenced to speculation scored a field goal.

Money Board Impression

Turkey’s unceasing newspaper also back to give advice on the management of the economy “the best solution is to create a currency board to fix the lira to the dollar or the euro,” he drew attention to the imposition of the no.

The newspaper pointed to submit this proposal as an alternative to Turkey to come to the IMF games. Üyor Erdogan says he does not want to go to the IMF. Money is a way to avoid the option to create IMF board “Using expressions WSJ has descended almost to the spokesman of the perception operations against Turkey. The newspaper threatened that if the imposition would not be accepted, it should be prepared for the possibility of the collapse of the lira.

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