The president of USA, Donald Trump, warned Central Bank, FED, not to increase interest:

“Feel the markets, don’t just pursue meaningless numbers”.

Before the meeting of FED which is followed by the world market, Donald Trump shared a post on Twitter social media account about US Central Bank. According to the message, Central Bank must not do one more mistake. The FED meeting is expected to receive a quarterly rate hike decision.

US President Donald Trump had previously taken the importance of low-interest rates during trade wars using the words ‘greater economic threat’ than China, ” crazy ” and ” out of control ” for his country’s central bank.

The Warning From Trump to FED about Interest: It Would Be Foolish to Raise

One hour before the stock markets opened on Monday, the US president said, “At a time when the dollar has become very powerful and there is almost no inflation, Paris is burning and China is in decline, the Fed is considering further interest rates.”

Analysts and former FED members critically note that the central bank may want to prove its independence against Trump’s repression.

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